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Why Choose Silver Sage Wellness

For over sixty years, we’ve called Las Vegas home. We’re excited to be part of the cannabis journey in Nevada. At our Nevada dispensary, we are firm believers in the healing powers of cannabis and look forward to helping our patients every step of the way.

We believe in the healthy lifestyle and try to incorporate it into everything we do. Our one-on-one personal service we provide ensures patients find wellness right for them.

Discover the nine qualifying medical conditions covered under Nevada’s medical marijuana program.


Our Mission Is Rooted in Wellness

With our passion for a wellness lifestyle and providing quality cannabis products, Silver Sage Wellness prides itself on being local pioneers and patient advocates.

Watch Jim and Pam share their powerful story on how medical cannabis changed their life.  Their story also shares how marijuana may benefit so many others.

“I believe it can make a difference. I believe it’s an alternative medicine that can make a difference for people’s lives and to increase the quality of our lives.”

– Pam Blasco