Las Vegas Dispensary Delivery

With delivery from our cannabis dispensary, you can get cannabis products delivered directly to your door easily and conveniently. No hassle. No fuss.



Las Vegas dispensary delivery is a discreet, affordable service providing access to CBD and cannabis products right at your fingertips. Order online today for same-day delivery. $45 delivery minimum.

Deliveries dispatch everyday starting at 10 a.m. If you have questions about your delivery order, please call 725-204-1866.

The Benefits of Dispensary Delivery

We shop online for all our other products, so why not cannabis? Find all of your favorite CBD and marijuana products or discover something new. With delivery, get high-quality cannabis products delivered regularly to your front door.

  • Buy discreetly without going to the store.
  • Browse cannabis products online at your leisure.
  • Flexibility – you choose when and where your products are delivered.
  • See our daily dispensary deals at our online store.
  • Eliminate travel inconveniences.
  • Delivery to anywhere in the valley – get the cannabis you need to improve health and wellbeing, even if you don’t live close by or can’t easily get to the store.

Choose Silver Sage Wellness today for your delivery needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is cannabis delivery free?

Cannabis delivery is free on orders of $45 or more.

When do you deliver?

We deliver seven days a week. Deliveries dispatch everyday starting at 10 a.m.

Do you deliver cannabis to Henderson?

Yes, we deliver to Henderson and North Las Vegas. And of course, all of Las Vegas!

Do you accept next-day delivery?

Planning ahead? No problem. We offer next-day delivery as well as same-day delivery.

How will I know the status of my order?

Just like other online orders, you will receive regular text updates telling you your product’s location and delivery date.
You can also look at your account to check the status of order.

How much can I order?

With a dispensary delivery order, you must stay within the legal limit. For retail use, the possession limit is one ounce.

How long does it take for your dispensary to deliver?

It depends on where you live but it varies between 2 - 4 hours (subject to change). You will receive text updates about when your delivery is on its way.

Do you deliver to Vegas hotels?

No, it is illegal to deliver cannabis to any Las Vegas hotel. Deliveries can only be made to a private residence.

Do you take credit cards?

No, currently we can only take cash.