If you’re a caregiver, find out what you should know about medical marijuana if your loved one or patient wishes to medicate with cannabis. Whether or not you’ve tried or administered marijuana before, we have some tips for caregivers and cannabis use for their patients.

Caregivers and Cannabis for Their Patients

With cannabis legalization occurring across the country and having the “best year ever,” it’s important for caregivers to stay educated on the alternative medicine and treatments available to patients across Nevada and beyond.

Any state that has legalized medical or retail marijuana can allow patients to designate a caregiver to assist them in obtaining and administering cannabis products.

Under the protection of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, federal funds cannot be used to prosecute patients and caregivers in compliance with medical marijuana laws.

While this is all good news, caregivers may still not know all the nuances involved with caring for someone treating with medical cannabis.

Marijuana laws to know

Don’t head to your local medical marijuana or cannabis dispensary just yet. You’ll need to understand the laws for your state before you purchase on another’s behalf.

As a caregiver in Nevada specifically, the regulations for medical marijuana and recreational state buying, possessing, consuming, and driving laws. The highlights from the state law include:

  • Purchase marijuana only from Nevada licensed dispensaries or stores
  • Be 21 or over 21 to purchase retail marijuana
  • Possess no more than one ounce
  • Possess no more than an 1/8 of an ounce of concentrated marijuana (the separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from marijuana)
  • Do NOT consume in a public place
  • Do NOT consume while driving or in a moving vehicle

Caregivers are responsible for knowing these laws and must ensure they administer them properly to their patients. Stay up to date on the medical and recreational regulations for your state.

For more details on medical marijuana cards, Nevada’s Department of Health issues and deals with medical marijuana card registry and regulations.

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Caregiving and Cannabis 101

Before you medicate, educate yourself and your patient about the plant and the certain side effects included with this form of treatment. Just like with any medicine, you have to consider the side effects when using alternative or pharmaceutical treatments.

Ask your dispensary about what options may be best for certain conditions or ailments. However, patients often find they have to uncover what works best for them through trial and triumph.

Caregivers will need to know the following about cannabis:

  • Note not all cannabis produces psychoactive results
  • Consider different intake methods—not just smoking
  • Find the right product varies for patient preference
  • Dose carefully
  • Avoid additives

An important thing to consider as a caregiver is what product to try first. Additionally, you’ll want to choose the right store to find your product. Depending on the ailment and the preferred intake method, the medical marijuana choices vary. In other words, ensure your patient knows what they do and don’t want to try.

Where to find wellness

Choose a dispensary with budtenders who will answer your questions and provide a variety of remedies. Education will be crucial for you as a caregiver.

With recently approved legislation in favor of protecting veterans who wish to use state-legal marijuana, find a dispensary that offers veteran dispensary discounts and sales to shop on a budget.

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