New Las Vegas cannabis consumption lounges could open in late 2022. Legislation passed in June of 2022 allows marijuana facilities to finally apply for a license to open these consumption lounges in Nevada.

Visitors have bought and consumed cannabis for a long time, yet their options are next to nothing when it comes to where they can consume these products. With these lounges, visitors and locals can access designated areas for a good time.

What can you hope to see in these new consumption lounges in Nevada?

Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada: What to Expect

Recreational cannabis has been legal throughout Nevada since 2017, but visitors have often encountered difficulties enjoying the products they buy. Since you can only smoke cannabis in private residences in Nevada, most people can’t access a convenient place where they can consume marijuana.

Can I Smoke Cannabis in a Casino?

Hotels and casinos are no-go areas for smoking cannabis. Due to legal restrictions, even large marijuana stores don’t have spaces for consumption. With the Cannabis Consumption Board’s recent decision, this problem will change.

Consumption Lounge Laws

Existing cannabis stores can apply for a license later this year. The first licenses should be approved in the fall. Every dispensary applying for a lounge license must submit a “diversity plan.” The board will grant 50% of the initially approved requests to social equity applicants.

Across Nevada, 45 ownership groups operate 86 retailers, and around 60 retailers have already expressed an interest in opening a consumption lounge. The Consumption Board plans to supply informational resources to interested retailers so that they understand the requirements for approval.

Lounge Rules

Regulators can approve licenses for stand-alone consumption lounges. Existing stores and retail facilities can also get a permit to add a lounge to their location.

Here are some essential consumption lounge laws to be aware of:

  • Consumption lounges will not permit alcohol.
  • Patrons will not be allowed to take unused cannabis with them after leaving the lounge.
  • Cannabis use will be limited to a single, 3.5-gram serving.
  • Individuals can’t own both a retail business and an independent lounge license.
  • Licensing fees are non-refundable and are $10,000 for stand-alone lounges and $100,000 for retail stores.
  • Indoor and outdoor lounges are an option.

When Will Consumption Lounges Open in Nevada?

Nevada’s first state-approved consumption lounges could open their doors as early as the end of 2022, and anticipation is building.

Now that this legislation has passed, regulators will work to approve licenses. Many retailers have already started talking about plans for their new lounge designs.

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas will emerge as a hotspot for those who enjoy buying and consuming cannabis products. Some already mention the city’s name in the same sentence as Amsterdam.

Consumption lounges offer a different way to socialize and could inspire a new trend in the mold of café culture.

What You Need to Know About Las Vegas Cannabis Consumption Lounges

For years, Las Vegas visitors have bought cannabis. But they haven’t been able to consume the products they buy while enjoying the thrills and spills of the Las Vegas Strip.

Hotels and casinos do not permit cannabis consumption. Therefore, many people buy products for consumption at home.

With new legislation passed, people will be able to visit consumption lounges to enjoy their top-rated vape cartridges or other cannabis products. Visitors can expect a wave of decadent, indulgent, ornately-decorated lounges to open in 2023.Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on consumption lounges opening in Nevada.