Cannabis oil syringes (aka applicators) are very different from the syringes you may be thinking of. Learn about the benefits of cannabis oil syringes and applicators and how different they are from intravenous drugs.

What Are Cannabis Oil Syringes and Applicators?

Cannabis can be consumed and carried in various ways (prerolls, concentrates, edibles, etc.), and it can be fun to experiment with different consumption methods. Syringes provide a convenient and accurate dosing method without any shots or needles!

Since there are no actual needles involved in cannabis oil syringes, some users prefer to use the term “applicator.” The applicator – which can be removable – refers to the device at the tip of the oil cartridge. 

Benefits of Cannabis Oil Applicators

Why Choose This Consumption Method?

With the cannabis applicator, you have access to a variety of volumes you can dispense as needed. The term “syringe” comes from the fact that this cannabis consumption method allows for highly accurate dosing – such as when administering other medications – and the cartridge uses a plunger to control the volume of the dose.

Oil applicators come in pre-filled, ready-to-use cartridges, offering a super convenient way to get your THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. You can also refill empty cartridges or buy empty cartridges to start. 

Cleaning the cartridges before using them again is quick and easy. You can soak the cartridges in vodka or wash them with hot water and dish soap, then refill them by placing the tip in the oil and pulling the plunger up.

Very little oil gets lost in the application process, so it’s a cost-effective consumption method. When you buy and use the cannabis oil syringe, you get the oil in the portions you want. This dosing method is also very potent, so a bit of oil goes a long way.

How to Use a Pure Syringe or Applicator

Depending on the product or brand, users can make use of the applicator in a few different ways. The most common method, especially for an RSO (discussed below) or pure applicator, is adding a drop or two to food. 

Many cannabis applicators also let you take it sublingually by putting it under your tongue like a tincture. Some applicators can also be used topically by applying the oil to your skin. 

Consult your dispensary budtender about the best method to consume a cannabis applicator for you. The product’s packaging often also provides instructions on ways to take advantage of its properties.

Popular Cannabis Applicators

Rick Simpson Oil

Popular because of its engineer namesake and seemingly miraculous effects, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) offers myriad benefits, from potentially helping with mental illness to easing symptoms of different types of cancer.

20:1 Tincture

Remedy also offers a sublingual consumption option with its 20:1 CBD tincture. This product contains no solvent and is excellent for patients looking to treat symptoms of anxiety, Crohn’s disease, types of cancer, and beyond.

Try Cannabis Oil Syringes at Your Local Dispensary

Whether you’re looking for the latest innovations, strong treatments, or classic or alternative consumption methods, our budtenders take pride in finding the wellness option for you. We can’t wait to help you on your wellness journey.