Whether you’ve tried cannabis or not, you’ve probably heard of the term “Baker’s Batch” or “shake” before. While these terms might have well-known definitions, in the cannabis world, they mean something entirely different. For the uninitiated, we’ll detail exactly what baker’s batch is and how it’s used.

What Is “Baker’s Batch?”

A baker’s batch is essentially a small jar or packet of shake packaged specifically for use in edibles. Shake is usually gathered up from the grinding process. However, it’s often more convenient just to purchase a baker’s batch if the strain you enjoy supplies it.

You can simply just open the jar, break the seal and use it in your favorite edibles. This could be anything from making your own cannabis-infused butter to tasty cakes, gooey brownies, and chewy cookies. Because it’s stored in a small jar, it’s convenient to place in your kitchen and sprinkle it into your edibles like a regular ingredient.

What Is Shake?

Shake is often referred to as leftovers or small pieces of cannabis plants that usually break off from larger nugs. This “leftover” often results from how cultivators handle the flower during the growing process or post-harvest.

It has a somewhat mixed reputation and, much like leftover food, can either be fantastic or incredibly underwhelming.

Shake is often used for things like pre-rolls. It’s also commonly purchased by those who grind their nugs before using them. Cheaper than alternatives, shake is an attractive option when you fill up pre-rolls. the discount is large and the quality is high. However, there’s also another common reason to use shake: edibles.

Shake is often purchased in large bag batches, but there’s no telling the quality of the shake or how much cannabis material is actually in it.

When purchasing a baker’s batch, it’s normal to see some stems in the shake since you’re not going to smoke it or adding it to pre-rolls. Instead, you can simply take a handful and infuse it with cooking oil of your choice so that you can use it in a variety of different edibles.

Telling a good baker’s batch from a bad one

It’s important to learn how to tell the difference between a good baker’s batch and a bad one. Much like when comparing high-quality shake to low-quality stuff, you’ll need to test and visually inspect it.

One of the biggest things to look for is the amount of trim in the shake. For beginners, this might be quite hard to tell, but you’re essentially looking for ground sugar leaves mixed in with the actual shake. If you were to smoke a low-quality shake then it would taste very planty and smell like burning wood.

Silver Sage Wellness Shake

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