Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell seeds?
No. We cannot legally sell seeds in the state of Nevada.
Do you take Debit/Credit Cards/Apple Pay?
No, we do not take credit cards or Apple Pay. However, beginning, October 1, 2021, we have debit transactions through our Cashless ATM system.
When are you getting “X” or “Y”?
Our inventory cycle follows a monthly cadence. There may be availability issues with our vendors throughout the month. We cannot carry everything at all times, but being signed up for our communication and checking the website are the best way to know when we get new products in or restocked your favorites. 
What are today’s or tomorrow’s deals?
Our online dispensary menu lists our daily deals. We also have a full list of daily discounts.
What’s the highest THC you have?
THC varies per product we carry. Check out our dispensary menu to see a list of different THC levels. 
What are the terps on “X”?
Terpenes vary per product and batch. While you can see the THC of whatever strain you’re looking for on our menu, you’ll only be able to see the specific terpene info in-store.

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