Several members from the Silver Sage Wellness team recently had the opportunity to tour Deep Roots Harvest’s cultivation in Mesquite, Nevada. Deep Roots provided transportation to their beautiful facility which is about an hour and a half Northeast of Las Vegas.

deep roots harvest welcome sign

Who Is Deep Roots Harvest?

As a licensed cannabis grower in Nevada, Deep Roots Harvest grows, products, and manufactures flower, distillate cartridges, edibles, and more. This cannabis brand also has its stores in Mesquite, serving Nevada and Utah customers alike.

Their mission at the dispensary and grow include attention to every little detail and commitment to quality. They dedicate their service and work to “transparency, purity, and sustainability inspires each and every harvest.”

Deep Roots Harvest Tour

Once the staff arrived, they were suited up in coveralls and hairnets. These suits protect the cannabis plants from microscopic pests that anyone could be unknowingly carrying on shoes or clothes.

The tour started in the mother’s room. Daily, hundreds of clones are collected from the mothers. Clones are cuttings that produce plants a-sexually genetically identical to its parent. The clones are transferred to a rooting medium and spend long light cycles growing in a vegetative state.

The Grow

We then toured the grow rooms in various stages of life. Deep Roots harvests its cannabis once a week. From there the cannabis is dried. Curing is the next step in the process. During this time, the flower is left in the dark for weeks at a time and burped. Moisture is released into the air from the stems and buds, putting the flower at risk to develop mold. Burping removes the moisture. 

The cannabis is then packaged and sent to stores to be sold. 

The Production

Deep Roots Harvest also packages its own pre-rolls, which are filled with premium cannabis and never trim or shake. The facility also produces concentrates and vapes, which are extracted and packaged on-site as well.

The Kitchen

Deep Roots Harvest’s kitchen makes a variety of edibles. Helix is their gummy line, which comes in Ginger Peach, Key Lime, Blood Orange, Cucumber Serrano, and Sour Cherry. Chillers are their hard candies, which are gluten-free and vegan and come in a variety of flavors as well. 

They also produce the world-famous Cheeba Chews for Nevada, which come in the original flavor Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, and Strawberry, Caramel and Green Apple. You may also want to try one of their custom-blended, C02 distillate cannabis oil.

sativa cheeba chews

Find Deep Roots at Your Local Dispensary

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