Cannabis concentrates generally fall into two categories: cured and live resins. Until now.

Named after Remedy’s Head Extractor, Skyler, SkyResin is crafted using cured material but looks, tastes, tests and smokes like live resin. The goal for this type of product from the beginning was to create a superior cured resin for the cannabis connoisseur at an accessible price.

What Are Cured and Live Resins?

Traditionally, cured resins can contain unwanted pigments, chlorophyll, waxes, fats, and lipids. These molecules can mask the concentrates look, flavor, or smell. 

Live resin omits the PG or PGR, aka propylene glycol and plant growth regulators, meaning the best concentrates of this kind have the purest properties. The resulting resin is the purest plant possible with unmatched potency. Unmatched until Remedy took the process one step further with their latest SkyResins.

What Is SkyResin?

Remedy’s proprietary process removes all the non-cannabinoids and non-terpenes to create a cleaner and more flavorful concentrate than anything else on the market. Because the team removes all the unwanted particles, the end-product has all the terpenes and cannabinoids and nothing else. This process allows SkyResin concentrates to reach terpene numbers in the 20s plus range. 

This latest extract has disrupted the market, to say the least. You can learn more about this product or all the Remedy concentrates to try.

Where to Find SkyResin

At Silver Sage Wellness, a half gram of SkyResin is $20. This price is $15 lower than live resins.

Some of the newest strains of SkyResin are Lemon Bean, Sour Glue, and Gelato Cream. King Kong, which is a cross of some of our best Indica strains King Louis, GG#4, Bio-Jesus, and Deadhead, placed 3rd in the Nevada High Times Cannabis Cup, beating most live resins that entered.

Try SkyResins today by ordering dispensary delivery or visiting our online menu.