With different methods to consume cannabis, many of our patients and consumers seek the versatility and discreet nature of a vape cartridge. Cannabis vape pens and cartridges are practical to carry and easy to use. With a myriad of brands and flavors to choose from, which top-rated vape cartridges in Las Vegas can you buy online?

Which brand should you try first? Or as an experienced user, which vape cartridge refill should you try next? We answer these questions and more.

What Are Vape Cartridges?

Cannabis vape cartridges, with an appropriate battery, holds and heats the oil to emit a vapor. These come in half gram sizes and flavors, offering different terpenes, depending on your preference or the flower oil. 

The vape oil comes from a marijuana flower. And the best kind of vape oils comes from a premium cultivated flower and is void of unnecessary chemicals or additives. 

If you’re new to cannabis or vape cartridges, it’s important to vape safely. Make sure you choose tested products. Tested products will have the test results and the certified lab that tested them. The vape cartridges we offer at our Las Vegas dispensary all undergo strict lab-testing standards.

Additionally, cannabis vapes are NOT the same as e-cigarettes.

Popular Vape Cartridges in Las Vegas

We carry many vape cartridges we can deliver anywhere in Las Vegas. Here are some of the most popular vapes we carry:

vape cartridges in las vegas


This premier flower cultivator is obsessed with designing the purest Remedies. We proudly offer Remedy’s superior oil & state-of-the-art cartridges. Choose from their exclusive SkyResin line or popular other half-gram carts like Zkittles.


Stiiizy is a brand committed to providing quality cannabis products. This includes popular carts like Do-Si-Dos and SFV OG. We have Stiiizy’s disposable half-gram carts available in-store and online for delivery. 


Combining the latest technology with irresistible flavors, AiroPro Brands brings a potent delivery and overall smooth experience. Motivated by the mantra “no detail too small,” AiroPro carts have a variety of strains and tastes to choose from, including Black Mamba and Northern lights.


Rove is all about giving their customers a great product we know you’ll enjoy. Solvent-free and all-natural, these carts provide a potent cartridge and premier taste. Their products are made 100% organically grown cannabis, creating popular products like Animal Cookies and Tangie.

Other Favorite Vapes to Try

You have more than a few options to choose from when it comes to vaping. Not only can you choose from the reputable brands above, but also these following companies provide some great experiences. 

  • CAMP: Self-labeled as “flower in a cartridge,” this oil boasts as one of the best-tasting concentrates on the market.
  • Church Cannabis: You can find Church Cannabis 510 cartridges in Nevada, California, and Michigan.  
  • Double Barrel: As the name teases, you get double the caliber and cartridges with this product.
  • Old Pal: While known for their “shareable cannabis,” they’ve stormed onto the scene with their “shareable” and affordable carts.
  • Select: One of the most well-known and accessible vape companies, Select-brand vapes started in Portland, Oregon, and now you can find them almost anywhere cannabis is sold.
  • Vapen: From cultivator Virtue in Las Vegas, Vapen has many options for different flavors and THC levels.

While not all of these options are available nationwide, if you live in Las Vegas, patients and customers can grab these from any local dispensary or order cannabis pick-up.

Which Vape Is Right for Me?

That’s a tough question no one can answer for you but we can guide you through your wellness journey. 

If it’s your first cannabis shop experience, we recommend you prepare all of your questions in advance. Come to our store with your questions and ask our experienced and knowledgeable budtenders. We love to take the time and answer all of your questions, giving a personalized experience and recommendations for what you may like best.

Most of our questions will surround if you want a recreational or more medicinal product, what your tolerance levels are, favorite strains and flavors, etc.

As time goes on, you’ll learn more about what terpene profiles you may gravitate to the most. Additionally, you may choose a different vape for a different ailment because some can uplift while others relax. Some can do both.

If you’ve not used vapes before, Live Resin cartridges may not be the best place to start. However, as you test and try different brands, you’ll discover this type of vape offers heightened terpene content.

Cannabis Vapes for Delivery

Many cannabis shops like ours offer curbside pick-up or free dispensary delivery on certain order minimums so you can buy your favorite vape or try something new without leaving your couch or car. 

Order vapes through our online menu.