Famous Couples: Hybrid Strains We All Love to Love

Is that love in the air? Or just the fresh aroma of a live resin vape?

We’re ready to share the love on some of our favorite hybrid strains and Valentine’s Day deals for your one true pairing. From classic couples like Blueberry and Haze to the modern fairytale of Lemonade Dream, learn all about popular hybrid strains in this season of love.

Famous Hybrid Strains

There’s the classic love story between Blueberry and Haze who gave us one of the most recognizable strains today, Blue Dream. This legendary, California native is known for full body relaxation while also exhibiting cerebral effects. Great for a daytime smoke, this berry strain is great for treating depression, nausea, and pain during daytime hours.

The latest strain from Remedy, Lemonade Dream, hails from Cinderella 88 and Blue Dream crossed with the allusive strain Lemonade. This citrusy hybrid is great for daytime use like its Blue Dream parent.

ACDC doesn’t just refer to the vintage, Australian rock band but the strain with high CBD levels and less than heavy metal hitting THC levels. Its parents, Ruderalis and Cannatonic, is the perfect yin and yang of indica and sativa, providing calming effects without the couch lock.

Arousing Strains

The use of cannabis to increase libido has been around for thousands of years. In fact, the usage of marijuana is a large part of the Indian philosophy Tantra. Swing by Silver Sage Wellness, and grab some of these strains to get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day.

DJ Short Flo – The 1996 Cannabis Cup winner is the love child of Purple Thai and an Afghan Indica. This light and earthy strain is overly uplifting, leaving you happy and relaxed for a cuddle sesh with your loved one.

Jillybean – This citrusy happy sativa dominant hybrid is known for its euphoric effects. It’s both energizing and uplifting, helping you to go all night long.

Harlequin – Smokers tend to be wary of CBD strains, but fear not the descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace. This sativa strain will leave you focused on your loved one while the CBD overtakes your senses, treating both pain and anxiety.

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