Our parents look after us, nurture us, and make us who we are. Some of the best things about ourselves we owe to the teaching and discipline they gave us in our formative years. As we get older, we have the opportunity to take care of our parents in turn as they age. With the advances in medical marijuana, long time and new cannabis users also have the opportunity to share alternative remedies.

Moms and Marijuana

When your Mom has a health condition, and you think she could benefit from medical marijuana, it can be a tricky subject to broach with her. With 4/20 just behind us and Mother’s Day just around the corner, this is your opportunity to educate her on all the benefits of cannabis and different ways to consume.

Start with the potential benefits

Medical grade marijuana is intended for just that purpose…medicinal use.

Many medical marijuana users find that they enjoy a wealth of natural benefits which helps them with a range of qualifying conditions. Those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and PTSD discover that it eases their symptoms and aids restful sleep. Those with inflammatory conditions like arthritis or multiple sclerosis find that it helps to reduce their pain and muscle spasms.

If your Mom suffers from one of the qualifying conditions on this list, it may be best to lead with the natural ways in which it may benefit her.  

Start with these products

Make marijuana more accessible to mom with the right products. First-time cannabis patients may benefit from trying out some of these products or flowers great for new users.

  • CBD Gummies – Just like your daily vitamins.
  • 20:1 Tincture – Effective and discreet.
  • Harlequin – High in CBD and low in THC.
  • ACDC – Like Harlequin, less psychoactive effects than typical strains.

Mothers may even benefit from a topically applied solution like a balm or oil if she suffers from joint pain or arthritis. The more she can incorporate it into her day to day life, the less intimidating it will seem.

Discover some tips for a first trip to the dispensary as well.

Wellness for the Whole Family

We know all about the potential medicinal effects of nature’s wonder plant and how it may benefit customers with a wide range of conditions. Silver Sage Wellness has an extensive dispensary menu designed to suit varying customers’ needs. We strive to bring wellness to the whole valley, and the whole family.

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